Supported Formats

We support the following formats to retrieve changelogs:

Format Pull Request Body? Example
keep a changelog
### Added        
  - Added feature X
  - [internal, Feature:"Y"] Added feature Y (but not yet publicly available)


It's possible to tag changes with extra information. For example you could prefix changes related to a specific feature or module of your application with a feature:"My Feature"" tag.

To add tags you can prefix your change like so: [feature:"My Feature"] Fixed bug with My Feature.

You can use this to add multiple tags as well: [feature:"My Feature", module: "My Module"] Fixed bug with My Feature in My Module.

Predefined tags

Changehub has built-in support for certain tags.

  • [internal]: This prevents the change from appearing in a publicly shared changelog. This can for example be used when doing technical changes that have no effect on the end-user.